Office Products

Office Products

All those little things . . .

It’s the thousands of little things that keep your office running. POS Group offers every kind of stationery and office product you can think of to allow your business to operate effectively.

We will deliver to you on time, every time, and help you to meet your operational needs and budget, suggesting quality alternative products too.

Our catalogue is all about choice while our on-line store gives you the control to buy the right items at the right price time and time again.

You can also choose from our eco-friendly and Fairtrade ranges; choosing a delivery option that works for you.

Our managed solution helps our clients see that long term savings outstrip a few quick wins every time - giving you money that you can reinvest to help your business grow.

We do things differently to other suppliers so why not give us the chance to show you how POS Group can help your business thrive.


  • Paper and envelopes
  • Files and folders
  • Notebooks and pads
  • Writing sundries
  • Presentation products
  • Desktop accessories
  • Attachment sundries
  • Binding machines and supplies
  • Dividers and indices
  • Toner supplies and ink cartridges
  • Technology products