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Earth Day 2022

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet”.

At POS Group we offer our clients sustainable processes that allow them to reduce their carbon impact on our planet.

We can help you create an ordering system that delivers a green and prosperous future.

So, if you are not already onboard, now is the time to act.

  • Now is the time to reduce your orders and deliveries
  • Now is the time to increase your control and efficiency
  • Now is the time to think about how many suppliers you have
  • Now is the time to consider what you are buying
  • Now is the time to choose cost over price

In short, now is the time to speak with POS Group for all of your business consumables and services to find out why we are 'The Sustainable Supplier'.

POS Group can help you save time, effort, money and the planet by thinking differently about how you operate.

With our expertise in this marketplace, we help our clients manage what, when and how they purchase. Our specialist knowledge covers areas like furniture, fittings, print and design, workwear, hygiene & PPE, office products, utilities, printing & scanning devices, corporate gifts, comms and FM services - to name a few.

Twenty years in business has allowed us to evolve into a multi-faceted supply organisation that has sustainability at its core.

We not only practice what we preach, we enjoy doing it.

  • We want to save our clients time and effort
  • We want to show them better ways of doing things
  • We want to reduce their spend and operational costs
  • We want more and more of them to benefit from our solution

The more we can get onboard, the better chance we have of navigating our way through the choppy waters created by the effects of our previous practices on the planet.

We are “Investing in Our Planet” and are demonstrating this through our commitment to the Weaver social sustainability programme.


Weaver is a social sustainability programme for businesses developed in partnership with independent sustainability consultancy, Avieco.

When it comes to sustainability, many customers and stakeholders have come to expect transparency, accountability and action from the businesses they choose to work with. The Weaver accreditation expects implementation of sustainable practices relating to:

  • Carbon footprint
  • Waste management
  • Single-use packaging
  • Sustainable
  • Social responsibility

We expect to complete our accreditation in the next few months and look forward to sharing our final report with you.

So, join us this Earth Day and celebrate everything that is wonderful about our planet.

Across all of our continents we have stunning natural wonders and sensational wonders of nature. Help us to do our bit to safeguard these for future generations.

Speak to POS Group to find out how we can help you work more sustainably.

Click here to learn more about Earth Day, and how you can get involved!

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Invest in Our Planet this Earth Day 2022